Choosing the right sofa-what you need to know!

Sofa’s are an important purchase to get right as they are usually quite expensive. There’s more to choosing the right sofa apart from how it looks. I’ve compiled this helpful list of things you need to know before you begin your search.


Choose a sofa that complements the design style you are trying to achieve. Are you a fan of more traditional looks like a Chesterfield or maybe aiming for something more modern like a modular sofa? 

Sofa arms and legs play a big part in defining the style of the sofa so make sure you pay particular attention to these.


photo of brown chesterfield sofa
Chesterfield sofa
white modular sofa
Modular sofa


Make sure that you measure the space where you intend putting the sofa before you go shopping. This will stop you from purchasing one that’s too large. It’s very important to make sure you measure the width of the front door and the room door where the sofa will be also. There’s no point having a beautiful sofa but not being able to fit it into the house!!


Comfort is a big one when it comes to choosing the right sofa. Make sure to test the sofa in the shop by sitting on it. If you plan on spending a lot of time relaxing on the sofa there’s no point getting one that’s not comfortable or doesn’t provide the right support for you. 


My best piece of advice to you when looking for a sofa is to buy the best quality one you can afford. This will ensure you get the most for your money and also that the sofa won’t start falling apart after a short time. Fabric durability is decided by the Martindale test. This determines how much friction a fabric can handle before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Every fabric is given a value and will be displayed on the sofa label. For everyday use in a home a sofa should have a value of 25,000 or above. 

The sofa frame materials, suspension and cushion filling all impact on the durability of a sofa. Generally high-quality sofas will come with a good warranty reflecting the materials used. 

5.Ease of cleaning

This is very important especially in homes with young kids and/or pets. If a fabric is labelled as professional clean only then leave it in the shop!! Some sofas come with removable covers that can be popped in the washing-machine. Wool or wool mix fabrics are a good option as they don’t stain as badly as some other fabrics but can be expensive. Leather sofas are worth considering if there’s young kids in the house as they can be wiped clean and are very durable. 

Now you know there’s a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right sofa. Armed with this checklist I hope your next sofa shopping experience will be a pleasant one.