How to Beat Interior Design Overwhelm in your Home

Is there anything worse than the feeling of overwhelm that comes with starting any big design project in your home? Firstly you get the great idea of what you want to do, then become confused by all the decisions that need to be made and end up paralysed by indecision so procrastination becomes your best friend. Or maybe you’ve started a project, got halfway through and then lost your motivation. I’ve been there believe me and it’s not a nice place to be!

Here I’ve put together these top tips to help you beat Interior Design overwhelm and get your mojo back on track.

Step 1

Make a plan of what it is you want to achieve in the area. Think about what you like and dislike about the space as it currently is. Does the existing layout work? Do you have enough storage? How do you want the space to work for you? Who will be using the area? Do you need to change any items of furniture? Is there enough natural light?

Step 2

If you aren’t sure what style you would like to go for then look for inspiration in Interior magazines, Pinterest, social media and Interior shops. Put a limit on the time you spend researching to avoid getting confused by all the different options out there.

paint colour charts

Step 3

Write a list of what you need to purchase for the space and what you intend to reuse in the new design. Having a clear vision of what you want will help you to stick to your budget and avoid unnecessary purchases. 

image of someone writing a list in a notebook, seated at a table with a coffee on the table

Step 4

Tackle a space at a time if doing a full home renovation rather than trying to do everything at once. Breaking the project down into smaller steps will make it seem more manageable. This works even for a 1 room makeover. It will help avoid feelings of overwhelm and frustration. Accept the fact that things often get worse before they get better especially with Interior design projects. Embrace the mess and chaos that are part of parcel of the changes!

Step 5

With any big projects it can be easy to lose motivation and feel frustrated with lack of progress or delays in the work. Make sure you stand back and appreciate how far you have come. Celebrate the small wins as each part of the project gets completed. Keep the end goal in mind for those days you might be feeling overwhelmed. 

Keeping these steps in mind will help keep the feeling of Interior Design overwhelm at bay while you complete your project. Sometimes though the best option is to admit that Interior Design is not your greatest talent and it’s time to call in some professional help from an Interior Designer. (Book here)