5 Interior Tips to Welcome Spring into your Home

February has eventually arrived and now it’s time to forget the long winter nights and start thinking about ways to welcome Spring into your home. Spring is always associated with new life, optimism, growth and freshness. With these 5 Spring interior tips I’m going to show you ways to embrace this. 

1. Declutter

We can have a tendancy to build up hordes of stuff in our homes during the winter and especially after the Christmas period. There’s nothing like a good clear-out to make you feel better in yourself. “Spring-cleaning” is a well-known phrase and activity for a reason. You can’t beat the sense of satisfaction from getting things organised and refreshed. If you need some tips on decluttering have a read of my blog on the topic here.

2. Refresh the colour palette

If there are areas of your home looking a little scruffy why not give them a fresh coat of paint? Shake things up a little and choose a new colour scheme from before. Spring is a time of change after all! Think along the lines of pastel tints like sky-blues, warm yellows, mint greens and off-whites with warm undertones.

Spring colour scheme on background of daisies in a field

3. Bring the outdoors in

Fresh flowers like daffodils and tulips add wonderful pops of colour to your home in Spring. Add some house plants to bring more greenery and life into the decor. You could include some botanical-inspired print through the use of wallpaper, soft furnishings or artwork to have some greenery all year round.

4. Natural light

Make the most of the slight stretch in daylight hours and get as much natural light as possible into your home. Placing a mirror opposite the window helps to bounce light around a space making it feel brighter and more spacious. Make sure that blinds or curtains are hung correctly so as not to block out the natural light.

5. Wood and all its friends

Using natural materials like wood, jute, rattan, bamboo, wicker, wool, linen etc. in your home will help to reinforce the idea of being more connected to nature. As mentioned before Spring is the season of new life and growth. By having some of these elements in your interior design you are definitely giving a warm welcome to Spring!

living-room photo with sofa,wooden floor,fireplace,bookcase,coffee table, rug

With these top tips in your mind you will be more than ready to leap into Spring and welcome the new season with open arms!