5 Easy Ways to Decorate for Summer

Summer has arrived and with it the hope of lots of much wanted sunshine! As the weather improves so does our mood and it makes us look at our homes in a different light. We can get the urge to declutter and make our homes more light and airy spaces. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start though so I’ve put together these easy tips to help you embrace the new season and decorate for summer.

1.Bring the outdoors in 

Nature is a big part of summer life and you can bring it into your home by using more greenery, plants and your favourite flowers as decor. Not only will they look great and add more colour but also you will have the added bonus of lovely fragrances. 


2. Lighten the colour palette

Change up your interiors by using a lighter colour palette in your home. Paler tints and tones like light blues, off-whites and yellows bring an instant update to any area. If you don’t want to repaint the space then introduce the new colour scheme through furniture, artwork or even soft furnishings. 

photo of blue bedroom

3. Make the most of your outdoor space

We tend to spend a lot more time outdoors during the summer than at any other time of year. Embrace this by creating a nice outdoor space to spend time in. Invest in some good quality garden furniture that you can reuse year in year out. Make the space seem like another room by using accessories like an outdoor rug, nice cushions and lighting options. By using a chimenea or a firepit you will be able to continue to use the area into the late evening.

outdoor seating area garden

(image from Pinterest)

4. Change bed linen

Refresh your bedroom by changing to lighter bedding material like linen and cotton. These are more airy and will keep you feeling nice and cool in warm weather. Crisp white bedding also makes the bedroom look and feel more summery. 

Opt for duvets with a Tog value of less than 10.5 for summer use to avoid being too warm at night.

double bedroom with bed, lockers, taupe coloured walls

5. Move furniture

It’s amazing how quickly and easily you can transform the look of a room by simply changing the position of furniture in it. In winter time we like to be gathered around the fireplace and that tends to be the focal point. For summer why not rearrange the furniture so the coffee table or the view to the outdoors becomes the focus?

It’s always a nice idea to make small changes to your home throughout the year to reflect the seasons. It helps us not to get bored with the same look all the time. Armed with these 5 easy ways to decorate for summer your home will be looking its very best for when the sunshine appears!