3 Simple Autumn Decor Ideas

When it comes to Autumn decor most people expect pumpkins to be involved somewhere! In this blog post I’m going to give you 3 simple Autumn decor ideas that won’t break the bank and also don’t have pumpkins as the central theme. 

  1. First up why not start with your front door and hang an autumnal wreath. This is an option that is becoming more and more popular. Whether you decide to make your own using a mixture of real or faux foliage or purchase one of the many readymade options, you can be sure to make a good autumnal first impression on visitors.

2. Use your sense of smell to add to the autumn vibe. Scented candles that contain notes such as vanilla, cinnamon, mandarin orange, pine or spiced apple will all help to set the mood. Burning candles are a really great accessory to use in your home for Autumn. (*be careful to never leave them unattended for safety reasons)

picture of many lit candles

3. Create an autumnal centrepiece by filling a tall lantern or vase with dried leaves, acorns, chestnuts, pine cones and other foliage. You can add battery powered fairy lights to the outside of the lantern for some extra sparkle! You can use this idea as part of your mantlepiece decor or even a table setting.

autumn leaves in vase

I hope you will get some inspiration from these simple Autumn decor ideas and try them out in your home. You can turn family walks into the perfect foraging opportunity in a nearby woods. If you don’t have access to any woodlands there are lots of faux leaves and decor readily available online such as these ones from Amazon, Craft leaves. To find out more ways to embrace Autumn have a read of my blog post on how to Hygge your Home for Autumn.